The Alabama Band

The Alabama Band played a concert at the Rockingham County Fair last week. When I saw the advertisement they would be there about a month prior, I knew I had to get tickets for all three of us, our 10 year old son included. He had never been to a concert other than hearing Martina McBride play after a Washington Nationals game where we had to watch on a big screen because our seats faced the back of the stage.

The memories that are connected with Alabama’s music are so strong for me. I remember my Aunt Cindy was the one that introduced my sister and I to their music 35 years ago. Roll on, Mountain Music, If You’re Gonna Play in Texas, were some of my¬†first favorites. Their music is so timeless for me and I never grow tired of hearing it even though my relationship with country music in general has faded over the years. Growing up in a home where anything other than gospel or classical music was the only acceptable types, it was a bit conflicting for me. I enjoyed this music along with all sorts of music but being taught it was wrong probably made it more appealing anyways. What kid doesn’t like to rebel against what their parents try to tell them.

For us now, being able to take our son to this concert and him not knowing all the songs was something to witness. The majority of the concert was enjoyed while standing because the crowd of more than 6000 people were¬†really enjoying themselves. Our son had to stand on his chair just so he could see the band because after all he is 10 and having “floor” seats you have to be tall or stand on a chair. My wife and I stood on each side of him, he placed his hands on each of our shoulders for balance and we all sang our hearts out.

This is something I will remember the rest of my life and one I hope our son will cherish as well. He loves music and now hopefully he will be able to appreciate and follow this great band as their career will eventually come to an end. I hope they continue to make more albums and I have already Pre-Ordered their most recent album, “Southern Drawl“. I hope we are able to go to another concert to hear them play in the very near future too. The amount of genuine love they have for their fans is awesome!